—-Winter club routes are back every Tuesday & Thursday with a social run on Wednesdays—-Intervals will be on the first Tuesday of every month from 5 Oct—-parkrun Grand Prix starts on 16 Oct—-Handicap races from 28 Oct—-Please sign up using the Teamup app if possible—-See you soon!—-


We have identified a series of local parkruns that provide an opportunity for members to meet on a Saturday morning to run 5k together and socialise afterwards if they wish to. The criteria for selecting the events includes:-

  • Travelling – lots of us have done some parkrun tourism. We have chosen events that might be a little further than we might normally travel but not so far that we can’t enjoy our Friday evenings
  • On researching the ‘Grand Prix’ series, we found out most local parkruns are multiple laps. We have chosen events which are between 2 – 5 laps with various terrain and gradients (in the context of a park)
  • Some local parkruns have a smaller attendance than our home parkrun in Skipton. The parkruns selected range from being smaller events – less than an average of 100 participants with the largest being an average of just over 300 runners

Please see the parkruns included in the ‘Grand Prix’ season:

parkrun Name Location  Distance from Skipton No. of Laps Ave. No. of Finishers Event Order Date of Event
Cliffe Castle Keighley 7 3 166 1 16-Oct
Clitheroe Castle Clitheroe 16 5 86 2 13-Nov
Chevin Forest Otley 15 2 125 3 27-Nov
Myrtle Bingley 11 4 159 4 11-Dec
Fountains Abbey Ripon 30 2 310 5 15-Jan
Woodhouse Moor Leeds 27 3 320 6 29-Jan
Skipton Aireville Park   4 154 7 05-Feb

Criteria for taking part in the parkrun ‘Grand Prix’ includes:-

  • Whilst parkrun is for everyone, to take part in the ‘Grand Prix’ series, you must be a member of Skipton AC
  • You should wear your Skipton AC colours for the parkrun or a milestone t-shirt
  • Members may wish to car share and stay for a coffee/ cake afterwards (if they are happy to do so)

One of the main points for organising the series is to provide an opportunity for members to run as a Skipton AC community. It is a really enjoyable feature of club membership. We have tried to avoid running event clashes e.g. WYWL. However, if you can’t join the Club at the parkrun on the date specified, you can ‘catch up’ as long as you complete the event either a week before or after the scheduled date.

We will report progress after each event. As we know, parkrun is a run not a race, however the ‘winner’ will be the member with the highest age graded score having completed a minimum of 6 out of the 7 designated parkruns. Members will be able to sign up for a Grand Prix event via the ‘Team up’ app in the week leading up to the parkrun if they would like to but this is not essential.

We hope you will be able to join us!


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