—-It was a bitterly cold day for Skipton Tri so well done to all participants and volunteers! Especially to Jayne for coming 2nd in her age group—-Summer routes start this week!—-Don’t forget to sign up for Malhamdale Half – a Club Champs race and social. Contact Tina for a minibus seat—-


Handicap League 2018 

This fun, competitive event is open to all Skipton Athletics Club members and is aimed at getting everyone involved.

There will be 12 races throughout 2018; four off-road races around Gargrave and eight road races around Skipton. Both routes are approx 10k.

There is a staggered start according to each individual’s estimated/known 10k time, with the aim that all runners should finish close together – making for an exciting finish! Timings are adjusted accordingly to ensure fair play at all times.

Points are awarded for placings (30 for the first finisher then 29 for second etc). Your best eight placings count towards the final league placings when trophies/prizes are awarded for improvement as well as fastest times so it’s not just for the speediest runners!

1st Race – Skipton – Thursday 22nd March (7pm)
2nd Race – Skipton – Thursday 12th April (7pm)
3rd Race – Gargrave – Sunday 29th April (10am)
4th Race – Skipton – Thursday 17th May (7pm)
5th Race – Gargrave – Thursday 14th June (7pm)
6th Race – Skipton – Thursday 28th June (7pm)
7th Race – Gargrave – Thursday 19th July (7pm)
8th Race – Skipton – Thursday 30th Aug (7pm)
9th Race – Skipton – Thursday 20th Sept (7pm)
10th Race – Skipton – Thursday 18th Oct (7pm)
11th Race – Skipton – Thursday 15th Nov (7pm)
12th Race – Gargrave – Saturday 24th Nov (11am)

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