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See the ‘Seniors’ and ‘Juniors’ tabs for details about where and when we meet for training

To download a club membership application form and view our privacy statements see:

Membership Benefits

  • England Athletics (EA) club affiliation resulting in reduced race fees at EA governed events. See the link for other benefits of being EA registered. https://www.englandathletics.org/england-athletics/athlete-registration#Benefits
  • Subsidised Skipton AC team events
  • Bi-monthly club social ‘chips’ night
  • Coaching advice and planning
  • Discounts from external bodies, i.e. Cotswold and Cycle Surgery, SportsShoes.com
  • Free use of showers at Craven Leisure Centre on club nights
  • Option to join members-only Facebook group

Committee Members


  • Chair: Chris Rose
  • Club Secretary: Kathryn Radley
  • Club Treasurer: Tom Clarke

General Members:

  • Paul Norman
  • Hilary Seward (Head Coach)
  • Darren Lambert (Seniors’ Coach)
  • Sue Marshall (Seniors’ Coach)
  • Emma Yiu (Juniors’ Coach)
  • Joel Dalby (Juniors’ Coach)
  • Janet Coutts (Membership Secretary)
  • Jan Smith (Social Secretary)
  • Sarah Millington (Kit Manager)

Skipton AC Club Constitution

The title of the club shall be Skipton Athletics Club.


The objectives of the club shall be:

a) To encourage the practice and development of amateur athletics.

b) To provide coaching for the members and to organise competitions.

c) To organise teams to represent the club in championships, leagues and in other such competitions as the management committee deems fit.

d) To cater for the following athletic disciplines:  track and field, cross country running, road running, fell and hill running, and to pay affiliation fees to the appropriate governing body(ies) or their appointed agent(s).


Membership shall be open to persons who are amateurs as defined by UK Athletics.  There shall be a minimum age entry of 9 years.  Each applicant for membership must complete an official application form before representing the club.  A member of the Management Committee must also sign this form.  The application for membership must be seconded and ratified at the next committee meeting.  Membership of the club will be considered temporary until ratified in this way.  The Management Committee retains the right to revoke temporary memberships subject to a vote in accordance with the conditions of the constitution.

The management of the club shall be vested in a Management Committee which shall comprise three “officers” of the club, i.e. the Chair, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer, and at least seven “general members”. All the forementioned shall be elected at the AGM and remain in office until the conclusion of the following year’s AGM. Any paid up member of the club who has been a member for at least 12 months is entitled to sit on the Management Committee. The Management Committee will have the power to fill vacancies if and when they arise.  The Committee shall also have the power to co-opt members for particular projects, but co-opted members shall not have a committee vote.  Members co-opted by the Management Committee for particular events, e.g. race organisers, will be given full discretion and authority as to how the event is run.

Committee meetings will be held as often as club activities dictate.  These meetings will be open to all paid up members, but only members of the Management Committee will have a vote.  Additional committee meetings can be called if necessary, but reasonable efforts must be made to publicise any additional meetings to all paid up members by use, for example, of the club web site and notice board.

Six Management Committee members shall be deemed to form a quorum and will be empowered to ratify a decision.


The AGM shall be held in December for the purpose of

a) Receiving the Annual Report of the committee.

b) Receiving the statement of accounts and balance sheet.

c) Electing the officers and committee for the ensuing year.

d) Electing the honorary auditors (if required).

e) Considering any amendments to the constitution rules of which due notice has been given to all members.  Any proposed change to a constitution rule by a member must be received by the Honorary Secretary before the November meeting so that all members may be notified by club letter at no extra cost to the club.  At least 14 days notice shall be given to members of the date, time, venue and agenda items for the AGM.  Each fully paid up member shall have one vote.  Members will be notified of the elected Management Committee members in the December issue of the club newsletter.


The club shall seek to affiliate to the North of England Athletics Association in order to carry out the objectives of the club.


Members shall pay an annual subscription fee at the commencement of the club year i.e. January 1st.  The level of the fees may be adjusted at the AGM.  A graduated scale of fees will be operated dependent on age and personal circumstances of members and applicants.  The initial subscription must accompany the application for membership.  Subscription renewals shall be sent to the Honorary Treasurer.  Cheques shall be made payable to Skipton AC.


The committee shall have the power to expel any member whose subscription is five months in arrears providing that one month’s notice in writing has been sent to the member’s last known address, informing him/her of the proposed action of the committee.  The name and address of any such person expelled from the club shall be recorded and sent to the North of England Athletics Association.  Every person whose name has been so recorded shall be suspended from competing at any meeting held under UK Athletics rules until the liability causing the expulsion, which shall not exceed one year’s subscription, has been paid to the club.


Any member wishing to resign, must do so in writing, addressed to the Honorary Secretary.  The resignation shall be considered by the committee within one calendar month of receipt and will be held as effective from date of tendering.  Resignations will not be accepted if the member is in any way financially indebted to the club.


An EGM shall be called by any officer of the club within one month of receipt of a written requisition signed by at least two members stating the purpose of the meeting.  At least 14 days notice shall be given to all fully paid up members of the date, time, venue and purpose of the EGM.  No other business shall be conducted at such a meeting, but an EGM may precede or follow a monthly meeting.


No constitution rules may be altered, added to, or deleted, except at an AGM or an EGM called for that purpose, then only by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting.  For the purposes of determining a voting majority an abstention is deemed not to count as a vote.


Club funds shall be kept in two separate Bank/Building Society accounts. The Honorary Treasurer will ensure there is £1,000 in a working account, for the general running of the club on the earliest working date possible at the start of each club year. The remainder will be in another account and may only be used for Objectives 2a and 2b.  Cheques must bear two out of three organised signatures.

At the start of the club’s financial year, a budget of 10% of the club’s assets is deemed available to support members who are representing the club in team events at county, region or national level. Entry fees will be paid by the club for these representative events. Entries to other team events will be considered on an ad hoc basis. For representative events, members wishing to claim travelling expenses must seek approval from the committee beforehand. Other claims and grants will be considered on an ad hoc basis and approval for expenditure from the committee must be sought in advance.

Claims for expenses should be sent to the Honorary Treasurer with the appropriate receipt.  Un-receipted claims may be taken to the Management Committee for authorisation.


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