—-Club runs are every Tuesday & Thursday @6.45pm with a social run on Wednesdays—-Interval training is on the first Tuesday of every month —-Loads of Winter 2021/22 events to get involved in: parkrun Grand Prix, Monthly handicap/time trials, WYWL cross country races—-New members welcome – please get in touch!—-Hope to see you soon!—-

Non xmas party …

Just a reminder to all members of SAC that the Non Christmas Party is on 31st January 2014 at Skipton Golf Club.

I already have a list of 49 who wish to go so it promises to be a great night out, with a hot buffet and disco for a maximum cost of £20 per person. It’s a great opportunity to chat to fellow runners, see what they look like when not in black lycra, and meet some “other halves”, friends and family.

Please put it in your diary and let me know as soon as possible.

Many thanks



Club AGM 6th December 2013

We held our AGM on 6th December with 30 members present and 4 apologies received. Thanks very much to Chris Rose for organising and Chairing the meeting.

Club Treasurer, Ann-Marie Bulcock, presented the club’s accounts for the last year. This showed a loss over the year but this was entirely due to the club’s donation of £1,000 towards the set-up costs of parkrun. Otherwise, we broke even.

Membership secretary, Steve Hall, reported on membership numbers which have remained at a similar level to the last few years due to the loss of members being off-set by new members. Steve pointed out that the new members had been very active in their running.

Chair, Chris Rose, presented a report on our activities over the last year and noted a generally increase of participation in a large range of events and general improvement in standards. One of the highlights of the year has been the setting up of Skipton’s parkrun which has been financially supported by the club but also by Triss Kenny and Paul Norman who have been involved in the parkrun organising group and ongoing as run directors. Paul has also led tripartite meetings with Skipton AC, Skipton Cycling Club and Craven Energy to increase interclub knowledge, etc. Jez Lamb has been instrumental in increasing training and event participation through interval sessions, cross country training and generally being extremely encouraging. Communications officer, Emma Newbould, has continued to provide reports on events and to inform on upcoming training and event activities.

The year has been one of both consolidation and improvement and the upcoming year is very promising. Members are encouraged to attend the club meetings, to know that their opinions are valued and their ideas are very welcome. Chris thanked everybody for their efforts and wished us all well for 2014.

Club secretary, Paul Norman, listed the 2013 personnel of club officers and committee and the proposals for officers and committee for 2014. The only changes were for Jez Lamb and Jan Smith to be on the committee and for Jan to be social secretary. Since the proposals for officers and committee comprised the required number according to our constitution and with no withdrawals from the committee, all those proposed were duly elected. The invitation to members to attend meetings was reiterated along with acknowledgement from the Chair and Secretary that they did not wish to be seen as fixtures.

With no formal AOB items raised, the AGM closed.

Outside the formal business of the AGM and following refreshments (thanks to all who shopped, laid out the food and subsequently washed up), there were three further items on the evening’s agenda:

  • Draw for the club’s guaranteed London Marathon places. 7 members were entitled to go in the hat and the lucky winners drawn by Chris out of Paul’s hat are Judith Lindsley and Pam Lund with Derek Ives in reserve;
  • Jez announced the results of the club’s handicap. Following a series of certificates awarded for a variety of skills, attributes and behaviours, the Most Improved Runner is Liz Stefanuti, Runners Up (joint) are Mel Ives and Paul Muldoon and the Winner is Jan Smith;
  • Chris announced Chair’s choices and thereby recognised the input behind the scenes by the club officers and Jez Lamb. A basket of flowers was presented to Barbara Robinson for her fantastic achievement of a ‘good for age’ time at the London Marathon around 40 minutes inside the target time!

The club is grateful to the Three Links / Oddfellows for allowing us to use their premises.

Club AGM 6th December 2013

Skipton AC Annual General Meeting: Oddfellows, 7:30 pm 6th December 2013

Please may we remind you of the AGM being held as noted above, the agenda is below;

  • Please can nominations for club officers be received by the club secretary (contact details below) before the AGM. Outlines of the roles are overleaf;
  • If you have any items for the agenda under ‘Any Other Business’, please raise these in advance;
  • If you haven’t already done so please indicate if you wish to be entered into the draw for the club guaranteed places in the London Marathon, 2014 (people are entitled to go in the draw if they applied as a Skipton AC member for a place in the London Marathon ballot and have been unsuccessful in getting a place);

Any of the above to Paul Norman (p.d.norman@leeds.ac.uk) before the AGM, please.

AGM Agenda

  • Welcome
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Chair’s report
  • Election of Officers
  • Election of Committee
  • AOB

Refreshments (nice grub from M&S!!)

  • Draw for London Marathon places (PN)
  • Presentation: Chair’s choices (CR)
  • Presentation: Handicap (JL)

P.S. CR will bring lots of club kit!

Description of officer roles
At last year’s AGM the suggestion was made for descriptions of the club’s officer roles to be made available:

The Chair (currently CR):

  • Promotes the club in both formal and informal situations;
  • Represents the club at formal meetings about the sport in general in liaises with Craven District Council to contribute to statements about sports participation in the area;
  • Facilitates the progression within the club encouraging development of skills, abilities and qualifications of club members.
  • Organises and Chairs the club’s monthly meetings;
  • Following club meetings, CR also provides notes about discussions via the Yahoo list to club members;
  • Is joint first stop via the website for prospective members contacting the club for joining in on activities.

The secretary (currently PN):

  • Acts as a focal point for communications from outside the club (from the governing body, regional and county tiers and other clubs) and alerts and distributes this information as appropriate;
  • Represents the club at formal meetings about the sport in general and liaises with Craven District Council to contribute to statements about sports participation in the area;
  • Applies to the organisers of the London Marathon for club places;
  • Is joint first stop via the website for prospective members contacting the club for joining in on activities;
  • Receives a fair amount of prospective communications from organisations trying to sell their wares.

PN also:

  • Edits elements of the club website but freely admits his technical skills are stretched;
  • Has devised routes and rotas for Tuesday and Thursday club runs (but not for a while);
  • Is involved with the organisation of the West Yorkshire Winter League;
  • Organises tripartite meetings with Craven Energy and the Cycling Club;
  • Periodically organises events.

The treasurer (currently AMB):

  • Does the books / prepares year end accounts;
  • Does banking from money received from members for subs, sale of vests / t-shirts;
  • Pays invoices from suppliers for vests / t-shirts, etc.;
  • Pays England Athletics for subscriptions & membership fees;
  • Transfers monies between bank accounts as required.

Membership Secretary:
The membership secretary (currently SRH)

  • Sends letters to members to collect annual subscriptions;
  • Maintains a spreadsheet of members’ details
  • Registers new members & updates members’ details on the England Athletics website;
  • Sends new members a welcome letter & forwards details to Committee Members, i.e. Emma Newbould adds them to Yahoo Group.