—-Club runs are returning from 15 September – more information to follow—-The final Skipton AC Virtual parkrun will be 12 September—-Keep running where it’s safe to do so and we will meet again formally very soon—-New member enquiries welcome—-Stay safe everyone!—-



Adult Training (18+)

We are currently devising a system for club members to sign up to a pace / distance group of 6.

Normally, groups of runners of differing abilities participate in runs around the Skipton area. Some participate in road running, others in off-road runs (in the summer during the lighter evenings).

We have groups going out on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The groups do 3-5 miles, and 6-8 miles with varying pace. We also have Interval Training on Tuesdays, varying from hill efforts, flat and a mix, to improve overall fitness.

Email skiptonacseniors@gmail.com for further information about Senior running. Hopefully, in October, we will be able to accommodate and welcome new members.

You will find the members warm and friendly, having a common aim of keeping fit as well as socialising (many members meet in the Narrow Boat pub in Skipton from about 9:00pm after the Thursday run).

New runners are more than welcome regardless of pace. Most people find that running with others helps increase distance and pace without really thinking about it!

Please see the links below for descriptions and maps of our usual routes. Copies can also be found at Craven Pool.


Winter Routes-2019-20-rota

Summer-Routes maps




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  • Angela Dowbiggin
  • Mel Ives
  • Jeremy Lamb
  • Chris Rose
  • Hilary Seward
  • Emma Yiu
  • Paul Norman



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