Race Results week ending 22nd April 2018:

Halifax parkrun

A total of 120 runners took part.

1              1              Joshua Frederick HALL-BROWN  Unattached        00:18:00

13           1              Elise HORNER                     Halifax Harriers & AC      00:21:36

26           24           James KIRKPATRICK        Skipton AC                          00:23:15

Congleton parkrun

A total of 228 runners took part.

1              1              Matthew MCCORMACK Crewe & Nantwich AC    00:17:05

20           1              Tracey BROWN                 South Cheshire Harriers 00:21:31

149         44           Tammy JOHNSON            Skipton AC                          00:29:25

Skipton parkrun

A total of 193 runners took part.

1              1              Logan HARGREAVES-MADHAS   Wharfedale Harriers       00:18:35

8              8              Michael MCINNES                           Skipton AC          00:20:03

20           1              Emma JOHNSTON            Helm Hill Runners            00:21:58

21           20           David STUBLEY                                  Skipton AC          00:22:00

27           25           Joel DALBY                                          Skipton AC          00:22:45

46           5              Rachel GAUNT                                  Skipton AC          00:25:06

53           46           Peter WOOD                                      Skipton AC          00:25:30

97           68           Philip DEAN                                        Skipton AC          00:28:44

105         33           Christine BUCKLEY                           Skipton AC          00:29:07

136         50           Lynda HUTCHINS                              Skipton AC          00:31:45

Fountains Abbey parkrun

A total of 394 runners took part.

1              1              Tom LEVI             Thirsk & Sowerby Harriers            00:17:54

18           1              Emma SORBY                                     Ripon Runners   00:20:28

314         136         Sue O’RORKE                                      Skipton AC          00:34:59

Parkville parkrun

A total of 177 runners took part.

1              1              Sean CLANEY                                      Unattached        00:17:55

30           1              Keshia CONTINI                                 Doncaster AC     00:22:15

124         36           Lauren GUEST                                    Skipton AC          00:29:55

London Marathon

1M         KIPCHOGE, Eliud (KEN)                                                  02:04:17

1F           CHERUIYOT, Vivian (KEN)                                              02:18:31

8855       Wade, Jenny (GBR)                         Skipton AC          03:56:18

10932    Hood, Karen (GBR)                          Skipton AC          04:06:59

13405    Smith, Jan (GBR)                               Skipton AC          04:18:48              

20058    Robinson, Barbara (GBR)              Skipton AC          04:47:39              

Burnsall Half

  1. Ted Mason                                  1:27:47
  2. Gavin Smith                                  1:40:15
  3. Ross Coles                                  1:41:20
  4. Andrew Cairns                  1:41:59
  5. Kim Spence  1:48:18
  6. James Rochfort                  1:58:39
  7. Jayne Butterworth                  2:04:50 1st FV50
  8. Patricia Gill  2:10:50
  9. David Gorman                  2:14:38
  10. Sue Marshall 2:15:30
  11. Hazel Ives 2:18:54 1st FV60
  12. Tina Brocklebank  2:25:15
  13. Sarah Wills  2:28:04
  14. Antony Radley  2:31:07
  15. Kathryn Radley  2:31:15
  16. Shirley Everett  2:32:54
  17. Chris Rose  2:37:53
  18. Mike Teale  2:51:28
  19. Antony Booth  2:54:26
  20. Janet Booth  2:54:26
  21. Sarah Millington  3:13:24
  22. Rebecca Chew  3:13:25

 Andrew CairnsBurnsall group

Calderdale Hike (40 miles) 14th April

1              Rory Harris          Stockport            5.54

7              Karen Nash (F)  Preston                7.58

20           Stephen Hall       Skipton                 9.20

 Skipton Triathlon 15th April addendum

74th       Ben Davies                          01:16:46

156th     GARETH Dixon                   01:22:58

 Hawkshead Trail 10k

  1. Andrew Payne                 Ribble Valley Harriers     0:48:56
  2. Anna Hoogkamer Team inov-8                       0:59:11
  3. Mark Wilson                 Skipton Athlectics Club   1:16:59


Saturday 14th April – Goole/Pontefract parkrun report;
The aim was to run Goole ParkRun this Saturday. I arrived up in plenty of time and waited in the car park. I watched another car come in, with a young guy who looked like a runner, then, five minutes later, I watched him leave. Just to be on the safe side, I thought I’d check the ParkRun page, I found out it had been cancelled.

Panic ensued and not for the first time this year!

Fortunately, I had a navigator and as I set off back towards the motorway and the Selby ParkRun, they informed me that it had also been cancelled. It was decided that we’d aim for Pontefract as our third choice.

Pulled up into a makeshift parking spot with maybe three or four minutes to spare, but still having to get changed and to the start. Spoke to a lady I parked next to, explained my morning and she mentioned that Goole has recently cancelled along with Selby this month. I’ve since looked in to the news sections of both Goole and Selby, Goole is due to the council looking to recover the ground conditions and Selby hasn’t had an event in April, but they give no information why.

If anyone is heading over that way to Goole and Selby, check before you drive!
Pontefract ParkRun Review;

Don’t arrive a few minutes before it starts, you’ll struggle to find a parking spot! Try to get away quickly, or wait a while and have a drink after the run, three car parking areas all converge at the exit without any right of way, it’s a free for all and let’s just say, some drivers are not polite.

The ParkRun is a good location at Pontefract Racecourse which is a minute from the M62. I think it’ll suit people looking for a personal best, as it’s mostly one lap and you can just go for it, although there are a few gentle slopes.

You start on the inside track facing up a slope running in a clockwise direction. You soon take a right into the fishing lake (watch out for the fishermen and their rods), then there’s a lap of the lake and back out to continue your clockwise circuit around the inside track of the racecourse. Passing through the start you’ll then head right again back in to the lake area to finish up with an almost full lap.

There’s a few inclines, but they’re long, around the start area/coming out of the lake area and second time when you run back through start area towards lake after completing the racecourse.

I wore my trail shoes, because I was advised it was muddy in a few places, but you don’t need them, it’s road shoe. The inside track is two tarmac strips, it is a little muddy between on the grass, but this’ll only effect you if you’re overtaking.

I have to give a shout out to the two kids who had a brilliant cheerleading style chant of “well done, mind the mud” as you entered the lake for the final lap. It wasn’t enough mud to effect my aforementioned shoe choice.

Just to complete my morning, I arrived back to a flat front tyre, fortunately there was a Halfords over the road!

Race Results week ending 15th April 2018:

Halifax parkrun

A total of 137 runners took part.

1              1              Matthew DUCKWORTH Clayton-le-Moors Harriers            00:18:11

18           1              Katherine LIVER                 Unattached        00:22:42

32           29           James KIRKPATRICK        Skipton AC          00:23:42


Pontefract parkrun

A total of 386 runners took part.

1              1              Matthew Terence HILL    Wakefield District Harriers & AC 00:17:34

6              1              Kerry STORRAR                  Barnsley AC        00:19:33

22           18           David STUBLEY                  Skipton AC          00:21:54


Skipton parkrun

A total of 178 runners took part.

1              1              Tom BREWSTER Clayton-le-Moors Harriers            00:17:45

2              2              Gavin SMITH                      Skipton AC          00:19:26

3              3              Julian HOOD                       Skipton AC          00:19:48

8              8              Robert WILLS                      Skipton AC          00:20:25

10           10           Michael MCINNES           Skipton AC          00:20:44

18           1              Denise WRIGHT Bingley Harriers and AC 00:22:23

19           18           Istvan BARANYI                 Skipton AC          00:22:28 NEW PB

30           4              Rachel GAUNT                  Skipton AC          00:23:55

31           5              Hilary SEWARD                  Skipton AC          00:24:05

45           7              Tina BROCKLEBANK        Skipton AC          00:25:02 NEW PB

48           41           Peter WOOD                      Skipton AC          00:25:10

54           10           Hazel IVES                           Skipton AC          00:25:49

68           54           Mike TEALE                         Skipton AC          00:26:47

70           16           Sarah WILLS                       Skipton AC          00:26:51

87           25           Hazel SMITH                       Skipton AC          00:27:51

125         82           Philip DEAN                        Skipton AC          00:30:25

127         83           Antony RADLEY                 Skipton AC          00:30:32

142         52           Lynda HUTCHINS              Skipton AC          00:31:35


Fountains Abbey parkrun

A total of 517 runners took part.

1              1              Tom CALVERT    Knaresborough Striders 00:17:34

22           1              Donna RIDDLER                 Ripon Runners   00:19:44

250         75           Christine BUCKLEY           Skipton AC          00:28:33

300         109         Tammy JOHNSON            Skipton AC          00:30:36

348         141         Sarah MILLINGTON         Skipton AC          00:32:06

430         195         Sue O’RORKE                      Skipton AC          00:36:07

 Image may contain: grass, tree, sky, bridge, outdoor and natureImage may contain: 3 people, people smiling, grass, outdoor, nature and closeup 

Parkville parkrun (Australia)

A total of 161 runners took part.

1              1              Jack DAVIES                        Eureka AC            00:16:16

11           1              Kirstin BULL        South Melbourne AC       00:19:51

112         35           Lauren GUEST                    Skipton AC          00:29:37 NEW PB


Vale of York 10

1              John Clifford       Evenwood Road Runners              55:07

8              Helen Cross         York Triathlon Club                          58:56

907         Janet Coutts       Skipton AC                                          1:44:29


Skipton Tri

1st          Matthew Nelson              00:56:21              

24th       Rachel Hawker                  01:09:42

201         Richard Annable               1:25:13- 5th in age group

206         Mike McInnes                    1:25:20

517         Paul Norman                      1:42:07

549         Chris Rose                           1:44:43- 4th in age group

 Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and outdoor Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and outdoor

Calderdale Hike (40 miles) – full results not yet published

Steve Hall             9 hours 20 minutes


Race Results week ending 8th April 2018:


 Bratislava Half Marathon

262         Richard Annable               1:34:44 (3rd in age group)

“Flying the flag for club & country this weekend in the Bratislava Half Marathon. I had a much better run than I could have expected and ended up getting 3rd place in the M60 category, for which I was presented with an award (well, not exactly presented – I picked it up off a trestle table after they had given out all the important ones). Was probably first Brit as well, as I think there was only me and a crew from the Berkshire Hash House Harriers there. Nice place though – a bit like a mini Prague, and the weather was perfect for the race.” (From Richard Annable)

Temple Newsam parkrun

A total of 161 runners took part.

1              1              Terry MIDGLEY  Valley Striders AC             00:18:30

15           15           David STUBLEY                  Skipton AC          00:22:55

16           1              Suzanne COSTELLO          Unattached        00:23:10

Skipton parkrun

A total of 181 runners took part.

1              1              Andrew CAIRNS                 Skipton AC          00:18:56

6              6              Michael MCINNES           Skipton AC          00:20:18

14           1              Victoria CROWLEY            Craven Energy   00:21:05

21           19           Paul MULDOON                 Skipton AC          00:21:58

35           5              Rachel GAUNT                  Skipton AC          00:23:27

51           11           Hilary SEWARD                  Skipton AC          00:24:33

56           44           Peter WOOD                      Skipton AC          00:25:36

65           16           Jan SMITH                           Skipton AC          00:26:34

69           53           Graham HOGGARTH       Skipton AC          00:27:04

102         67           Philip DEAN                        Skipton AC          00:28:44

108         38           Christine BUCKLEY           Skipton AC          00:29:28

109         39           Chris ROSE                          Skipton AC          00:29:38

110         40           Ruth ELKINGTON              Skipton AC          00:29:39

120         79           Paul NORMAN                  Skipton AC          00:30:43

126         45           Lynda HUTCHINS              Skipton AC          00:31:09 PB

Keswick parkrun

A total of 202 runners took part.

1              1              Paul JONES                         Shrewsbury AC  00:17:03

5              1              Eleanor BOLTON Ribble Valley Harriers    00:19:16

8              7              Julian HOOD                       Skipton AC          00:19:47

Parkville parkrun

A total of 198 runners took part.

1              1              Francis DOWDLE               TXR Runners       00:17:15

7              1              Charlotte WILSON Dinneen Runners         00:18:53

150         42           Lauren GUEST                    Skipton AC          00:29:52

Fell Foot parkrun, Newby Bridge

A total of 237 runners took part.

1              1              John ASHCROFT Liverpool Harriers & AC  00:15:53

7              1              Zara KNAPPY     Keighley & Craven AC     00:18:46

8              7              Tim CHADWICK                 Skipton AC          00:18:50

Pendle Fell Race

1              Rob Hope             Pudsey & Bramley AC     00:31:24

13           Caitlin Rice          Ribble Valley Harriers     00:36:49

33           Gavin Smith        Skipton AC                          00:40:15


Bournemouth Bay Run 10k

1              Callum Gillett     Guildford and Godalming AC      00:34:14

7              Jen Granger                                                                       00:36:03

353         Rachel Wilce       Skipton AC                                          00:56:04

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and shoes

Baildon Boundary Way

1              BAXTER, Joe                        Pudsey & Bramley AC     1:22:09

15           BEEVER, Margaret           Stainland Lions Running Club      1:40:15

91           BUTTERWORTH, Jayne   Skipton AC                          1:57:50

253         WOOD, Peter                     Skipton AC                          2:30:57

272         TEALE, Mike                        Skipton AC                          2:34:45


Ibiza Marathon

Oliver Thomas 4:07:51

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sunglasses

Race Results week ending 1st April 2018:

Halifax parkrun
A total of 139 runners took part.

1             1             Ed HYLAND                        Stainland Lions RC            00:17:40

21           21           James KIRKPATRICK         Skipton AC                          00:23:16

24           1             Michelle ROGERSON        Stainland Lions RC            00:23:32 

Skipton parkrun

A total of 204 runners took part.

1             1             Kurt HERON        Ashington Hirst Running Club        00:16:12

9             1             Alice JONES         Wharfedale Harriers                       00:19:41

15           13           Gavin SMITH                      Skipton AC                          00:20:23

18           16           Michael MCINNES            Skipton AC                          00:20:30

29           26           Richard ANNABLE             Skipton AC                          00:22:03

65           15           Rachel GAUNT                  Skipton AC                          00:24:53

72           56           Peter WOOD                      Skipton AC                          00:25:22

83           66           Michael FOTHERGILL       Skipton AC                          00:26:05

106        25           Hazel SMITH                      Skipton AC                          00:27:28

202        119        Antony RADLEY                 Skipton AC                          00:44:02

Parkville parkrun (Australia)

A total of 168 runners took part.

1             1             Alex HOWARD                   Ballarat YCW Harriers      00:16:56

14           1             Kirstin BULL                       South Melbourne AC        00:19:28

129        31           Lauren GUEST                   Skipton AC                          00:29:47 PB

March parkrun

A total of 144 runners took part.

1             1             Shane SADLER                   Unattached                        00:17:50

15           15           David STUBLEY                  Skipton AC                          00:21:59

29           1             Celine AUBRY                    Ely Runners                        00:24:06             

Pendle Dark Dash (21.3.18)

  1. 48:36 Sam Watson                      Wharfedale
  2. 54:44 Alice Swift                          Chorlton Runners
  3. 71:16 Melanie Steventon           Skipton
  4. 89:12 Darren Lambert                Skipton AC
  5. 93:12 Sue Marshall                      Skipton AC
  6. 99:58 Graham Hoggarth             Skipton AC
  7. 100:00 Tina Brocklebank              Skipton AC
  8. 102:30 Ann-Marie Bulcock           Skipton AC
  9. 102:30 Michael McInnes              Skipton AC

Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, people standingImage may contain: 1 person, smiling

Punk Panther Welcome Ultra Race Report

A short report for you as, providing I can get to the start of a race, I’ve never been one to be put off by the weather (racing, if I’m running from home I might sack it off). Yesterday was the Welcome Ultra, a Punk Panther event ran out of Otley and back round to Pool. Last year this event recalibrated my idea of a muddy run (and I live in Gargrave which is surrounded by swamps). I’ve had years of experience in snow (when we get it) both in the Dales and the Peak District, so I’m no stranger to the effort required or the creeping temperature drop of hypothermia moving through my arms and into my core. So for this run I donned my paramo smock, which is excellent at handling moisture albeit a bit heavy, but I knew there wouldn’t be much fast movement involved.

Starting out from Otley the first 6 miles travel North and West over the fields, they were obviously snow covered and not a bit of mud in sight. It was a lovely change to last year. I lost sight of the majority (who were in front of me of course) and those behind me so it was very peaceful. At the first checkpoint I decided my buffalo mittens were no longer necessary and I’d had to take my hats off (yes, buffalo mittens and 2 hats) as I was quite warm. I was enjoying not having to read the route description, both remembering from the previous year and relying on the excellent route taping.

From Denton the route travels over to the east of Ilkley and climbs up a massive hill to then cross the fields down to Burley (all snow covered). The slope down to the railway line had been turned into a hard packed slope by the many sledges; It looked excellent. The roads in Burley were in much the same state as the slope. After Burley and the snow covered frozen (thank god) fields it was over Burley Moor. People had been given the option of taking the road round the moor due to the harsh conditions, but who’d want to choose tarmac over thigh deep snow. The moor was cold and I was glad of my massive coat, luckily there had been small channels made in places, awkward to get poles to the ground but easier than breaking trail. There was deep snow coming down off the moor, but I could see where people had gone through into cavities which made it much easier!

Then across to Eldwick, where I saw a postman who’d got his van stuck in a deep drift, and a precarious snow sloped path to Shipley Glen (I was glad of my poles). I did have the option of an additional 5 miles at this point, but it wasn’t appealing. The next section to Esholt covered Baildon Moor- which always seems to be windy and cold, and a deserted snow covered golf course at Hollins. Even the woods out of Esholt had deep snow, with some kids on mountain bikes making what were essentially luge runs!

The railway line to Yeadon was packed snow, but remembering back to last year it seemed much shorter (It went on for ever in 2017), and onto Yeadon Banks. So after 28 miles of snow Yeadon Banks and the lanes over to the top of the Chevin were really having a laugh. Yeadon Banks was probably ankle deep but the lanes were shin deep, minimum. Even with 60 people having already gone through it wasn’t helping.

I was getting tired by this point, not really aching just a bit tired and bored of snow. Luckily from the Chevin it was mostly downhill to Bramhope, with a frozen cow hoof print, ankle breaking field thrown in. There were some spectacular drifts in the footpaths outside of Bramhope – waist deep. I was glad to get to Bramhope as then it was just a 2 mile downhill (through Staircase lane) to the finish. I didn’t sprint to the end.

What I was, once again, amazed by were the numbers of people who only relied on their gps and got lost. The taping and route description (although I didn’t need it) were excellent. The team who run the events did a great job, 75 people started and all 75 finished, there were 60 non starters, the organisers had made it clear that it wouldn’t be suitable for people with no experience of winter conditions. However, they were offering to run the race again, or other alternatives were provided for those who pre notified that they were dropping out. I was also provided my own personal bowl of custard at the end 😊. Vanessa.

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